Kollipara is considered to be a beehive of political activities and it is a very stronghold to Congress Party at all times.

Persons belonging to AVUTHU clan of Kollipara is very active in politics, Sr Avuthu Rami Reddy elected two times as MLA, one time from Sattenapalli and other time from Duggirala. Jr Avuthu Rami Reddy elected as an Independent in 1967 and then onwards he is king maker in kollipara level politics. Avuthu Rajeswari worked as ZP Vice Chairman for some time and Avuthu Krishna Reddy is very active and one of the strongest politician in village level he elected as President and his wife elected as President too.

Persons belonging to GUDIBANDI clan of Kollipara also is very active in politics, Gundibandi Gopi Reddy was very active in village level and constructed the Bridge (Pedda kaaluva vanthena) and got elected as Samithi President.

His Step Brother Gudibandi Venkata Reddy (GVR) rose from village level to state level, who created a record by winning four times as M.L.A from Duggirala constituency.
He worked for his relative Jr Avuthu Rami Reddy in the election of 1967 who contested as an Independent. During the 1970s he got elected as Kollipara Milk Society President,In 1972 worked for Congress Candidate Bonthu Gopala Reddy, In 1978 election worked for his relative and then CPI candidate Gudibandi Nagi Reddy, In 1983 election he worked for TDP candidate, In 1985 worked for Alapati Dharma Rao and then and onwards he is working for congress party and continuously won four elections 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004. During 2004 – 2009 he is the only M.L.A in the whole state who does not have any kind of post after winning 4th term also and he got very good respect as Senior MLAin district during these 5 Years and he was highly disappointed when he did not get the cabinet berth in the expansion in April 2007. In May 2007 he gave statements about congress party and also about corruption in the Government and by the Government which angered most of the congess fans and Chief Minister, In the following election he did not get MLA seat also.
Most of the Duggirala MLA’s during 1952 to 2004 are from Kollipara Mandal and especially Kollipara village only.

Kollipara was under Duggirala assembly and Tenali parliament constituency until 2009.

Duggirala MLAs during 1952 to 2009

1952 – first time Senior Avuthu Rami Reddy of Kollipara village.
1955 – Putumbaka Sriramulu of Eemani village (Duggirala Mandal).
1962 – Lankireddy Lakshma Reddy of Vallabhapuram village (Kollipara Mandal).
1967 – Junior Avuthu Rami Reddy (Independent and congress rebel) of Kollipara village.
1972 – Bonthu Gopala Reddy of Munnangi village (Kollipara Mandal). His speciality is winning with the Highest majority in the whole district.
1978 – Gollapudi Vedantha Rao of Pidaparru (Kollipara Mandal).
1983 – MV Sivarama Krishna Reddy of Thumuluru (Kollipara Mandal).
1985 – Alapati Dharma Rao of Annavarapu lanka (Kollipara Mandal).
1989 – Gudibandi Venkata Reddy of Kollipara village.
1994 – Gudibandi Venkata Reddy of Kollipara village.
1999 – Gudibandi Venkata Reddy of Kollipara village.
2004 – Gudibandi Venkata Reddy of Kollipara village.
2009 – Nadendla Manohar of Tenali.
Except in 1983, all the winners are from Congress party
Gudibandi Venkata Reddy represented Duggirala constituency as an MLA (Congress) for 20 years.


In the 2009 elections, Kollipara is merged into Tenali assembly constituency (Nadendla Manohar Congress MLA) and Guntur parliament constituency (Rayapati Sambasiva Rao Congress MP) due to the delimitation process.

There are many people from Kollipara who are now living in the United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom and other parts of the world.


Mahatma Gandhi who came to Adda Road during independence

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy (former President of India and CM of AP) visited Kollipara.

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy (former CM of AP) visited Kollipara.

Sonia Gandhi visited Thumuluru.

Swargiya Dr. Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy fondly called YSR, the Iconic Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The people of Kollipara pays tearful homage to their favorite CM.

Swargiya Mr. Devi Lal (former Deputy Prime Minister),

Swargiya Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao (NTR) (former CM of AP)

Nara Chandrababu Naidu (former CM of AP)
and many State and Central ministers.